Master Meme

Who will be the Master Meme?


Master Meme is not the usual Social Network where you upload your memes and your friends like them. Instead, Master Meme is more than a feed, it is actually a contest!
With Master Meme you can create your own meme from lots of templates. Submit your memes according to today's contest. Each day a new contest theme is randomly extracted.
You can like others' memes and receive likes from them. At the end of the day, the user with the highest number of likes will be the winner of that day. His profile will be shown in a dedicated section of the app and it will remain there for the entire day.
The prize of the contest is the visibility of your profile. Indeed, you can add your social networks links, so other users can know you better.
  • Create your memes from lots of templates
  • Submit your memes for the day's contest
  • A different contest each day
  • Likes other users' memes and receive likes from them
  • A winner will be extracted each day
  • See the winner's profile and his social networks links


If you are still not sure to download this app, watch this video: