Public Privacy

Hide your private messages from the lockscreen or notification center!


Public Privacy is the perfect app to get your own privacy in public places, at work, with friends, and many more social events.
Whenever you receive a message that Public Privacy considers sensitive, the app will hide the notification and replace it with another one, hiding all private contents.
Public Privacy keeps track of all sensitive notifications received, so you can easily open them later at home or far from indiscreet eyes. Filter notifications from apps such as WhatsApp, Gmail, Telegram and many more.
You can also choose the filter intensity from mild (1) to strong (4) and the apps you want to filter.
Public Privacy will check different classes of messages so it will filter messages related to work, health, sex, credentials, bank, legal and many more to come. You can choose the classes of messages you want to filter. If you are not satisfied with the results you can even add your own words to filter.
  • Filter all sensitive and private messages received
  • Keep track of all notifications filtered
  • Choose the filter intensity
  • Choose which apps you want to filter
  • Choose which classes of words you want to filter
  • Add your own words to filter


If you are still not sure to download this app, watch this video: