Reiki Rooms

The platform for online Reiki


Reiki Rooms is the new platform for online Reiki treatments!

What is an online Reiki treatment?
A Reiki treatment consists of a session of 30 minutes, during which the operator, using Reiki Symbols, creates a connection with the recipient. The goal of a treatment is to bring calm, mental well-being, emotional balance.
Using the Third Symbol, a Reiki operator can perform a treatment to people that are physically distant. Indeed, this Symbol represents the unification of consciousness, thus overcoming the separation of reality in space and time. Reiki Rooms helps you create or join to Reiki treatment rooms.

In Reiki Rooms there are two different types of users:
1. Normal users, they can participate to treatment rooms.
2. Reiki operators of level 2 and 3, they can create new rooms and procede with the Reiki treatment to all the participants.

In the room the Reiki operator will do the treatment to all participants.
Remember that all Reiki operators are certified. Indeed, they should provide a certificate proving their training path done.

App features:
1. Join Reiki treatment rooms created by certified Reiki operators.
2. Reiki operators of level 2 and 3 can create treatment rooms.
3. Be notified 5 minutes before the treatment starts.
4. Listen to relaxing music during the treatment.
5. A treatment lasts 30 minutes.